You’re skimming your Twitter feed and notice a stream of sad tweets from a college friend. Without a moment’s thought, you send a funny GIF across the digital divide, content that you’ve cheered up your friend and made a positive mark on their day.

But, wait: You can’t quite remember where they’re living these days, or what they do for work. Did you miss their birthday? Chances are, you pop over to Facebook and check, reassure yourself that you’re caught up on their milestones, then go about your day. Are you still friends, even though you haven’t seen each other in years, or spoken in a non-digital medium?

Are all those tools for staying connected actually making you a worse friend?

New Yorker Gary Johnson, 38, isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t get those daily nudges to “help [insert name here] celebrate.”

“My friend told me that our other friend recently got engaged, and so I called him and he really appreciated it,” Johnson told The Post. For Johnson, joining countless others in boycotting social media brings peace of mind when it comes to keeping up with the lives of “friends.”

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