A report published on the first anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been condemned by relatives of the missing passengers after failing to shed any light on what happened.

The report, published on Sunday, reveals the battery in an underwater locator beacon had expired more than a year before the flight carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished without trace. But the significance of the finding has been called into question, as the locator beacon may not have been detectable anyway at the great depths to which the aircraft is thought to have descended in the Indian Ocean.

The 584-page report by an independent investigation group went into minute details of the crew’s lives, their medical and financial records and their training, before detailing the aircraft’s service record and maintenance schedule, along with weather, communications systems and other aspects, but found nothing unusual other than the battery’s expiry date.

Sarah Bajc, whose partner Philip Wood was on board the flight, criticised the fact that investigators had only interviewed 120 people. “That’s less than our tiny underfunded private investigation has done,” she told the BBC, referring to a private inquiry launched by a group of relatives.

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