Former IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour will claim in a new book that Martin McGuinness gave the order for a census worker to be murdered in Derry, writes By Tony Allen

And the 53-year-old former RUC Special Branch agent is also set to name the republican who allegedly was the masked gunman who shot dead Joanne Mathers over three decades ago.

Gilmour’s updated book What Price The Truth? is due to published in two months on Amazon.

It is a follow-up to his 1998 blockbuster book Dead Ground which gave a fascinating and spine-chilling insight into his life as a secret police agent inside the IRA’s ruthless Derry Brigade.

Sunday Life has seen a number of extracts from Gilmour’s forthcoming book.

At the time of Joanne Mathers murder, the now Deputy First Minister was reportedly the IRA’s Chief of Staff but according to Gilmour, he still had his finger on the pulse of Derry and all IRA terrorist operations.

In the extract, Gilmour writes: “Nothing, and I mean nothing, happened in Derry without the say so and nod from Martin McGuinness.

“He was top of the pile. There was no one higher up the ladder than him.

“McGuinness was the power behind the throne in Derry. Everything had to be cleared through McGuinness first.

“So I can say with absolute certainty that McGuinness gave the order to kill Mrs Mathers.’’

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