A Kenyan MP has asked the country’s parliament to pass a law to recognise a third gender to end discrimination against those who identify as intersex.

Isaac Mwaura is also asking for funding for gender alignment surgery and a public awareness campaign to end stigma against intersex people.

“They see me as a curse,” one person born female who later developed male physical characteristics told the BBC.
Intersex are people whose sex is neither completely male nor female.

James Karanja, who identifies as a male, told the BBC’s Idris Situma in Nairobi of the anguish he’s been experiencing.

“My official name is Mary Waithera – the name that I was given by my mother after my gender was confused at birth. They thought I was a girl but I’m a boy.”

Mr Karanja is currently undergoing a surgical realignment procedure, a costly medical expense beyond the reach of many.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Kenyan MP pushes for law to recognise intersex people

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