Italy is not getting enough respect from the European Commission or its partners and it is determined to convince the European Union to adopt bolder, more growth-friendly policies, Rome’s top EU affairs official said on Thursday.

“We hope and expect to see a change of attitude toward Italy from the Commission and from other countries,” said Sandro Gozi, undersecretary for EU affairs and a close ally of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Gozi’s comments reflect growing frustration in Rome at a series of Commission decisions covering areas from immigration to bank rescues, state aid for a steel plant and fiscal policy.

If such decisions continue to go against Italy, Rome “has the option of challenging them in the European Court of Justice”, Gozi told Reuters, referring to the EU’s highest court which is based in Luxembourg.

In unusually frank remarks, Gozi said the approach of the Commission, Germany and other countries had to change or “everything will become more difficult”.

The Commission needed to show it was “the guarantor of all the countries, not just some”, he said, while calling for more growth-friendly EU policies that “have respect for Italy’s role in Europe”.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Italy says wants more ‘respect’ from Brussels, EU partners

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