Virginia’s junior Senator Tim Kaine (shown) first earned public notoriety for his anti-gun ideology in 2000 when as mayor of Richmond he spent $7,000 of city funds to ship eight busloads of anti-gun supporters to Washington, D.C., to support the so-called Million Mom March against guns. The outcry was so vociferous that Kaine was forced to ask for private donations to repay the theft.

But he never recanted or apologized for the theft of the government funds, which the media called a “subsidy.” The Richmond Times Dispatch wrote that “Kaine defended the subsidy on the ground that Richmond always has supported stricter gun laws,” while adding, “I can’t think of an issue I’d rather be aligned with than this.”

The month before being picked by Hillary Clinton as her running mate in the campaign for the presidency, Kaine was at it again. In June he announced his support in the Senate for efforts to allow the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to use taxpayer funds to advocate for gun control. As the NRA noted:

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