Athens, Greece – Riot police used tear gas to disperse protesting pensioners, causing widespread outrage and forcing the government to ban the tactic in future.

Thousands of pensioners took to the streets of the capital Athens and tensions boiled over as they approached the prime minister’s residence.

The Pensioners’ Federation, which organised the march, said tempers frayed when police blocked the street on which Maximos House, the prime minister’s residence, is located with buses and riot police.

Television footage showed protesters rocking a police bus back and forth in an apparent effort to tip it over.

“The prime minister called [Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos] Toskas and said he wants to solve this and he doesn’t want tear gas used again,” spokesperson Angelos Tsekeris told Al Jazeera.

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Time For Truth: (Aljazeera) – Greek police fire tear gas on rallying pensioners

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