Google attacked a European Union overhaul designed to ensure copyright owners get a fairer share of income, saying the measures would force it to vet text, video and images before they can be shared on its YouTube service.

“This would effectively turn the internet into a place where everything uploaded to the web must be cleared by lawyers before it can find an audience,” the search-engine giant said in a blog post after the European Commission unveiled draft rules that would also allow newspapers to demand payment when services such as Google News run their articles.
Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., is already fighting three EU antitrust probes into search, phone software and advertising. If Wednesday’s proposals become law, the company may have a weaker hand when dealing with copyright holders, boosted by more powers to withdraw content or demand compensation.

EU regulators said they want to protect publishers and creators when their work is made available on the internet, often without remuneration.

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – Google Attacks EU Plans to Make It YouTube Copyright Cop

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