Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and for an 11-day stint, its CEO, yesterday announced a new browser called “Brave,” that blocks outside online ads and ad tracking.

Brave, which was at version 0.7—denoting its under-construction and fit-for-developers-and-other-strong-hearts-only status—is for Windows and OS X on the desktop, iOS and Android on mobile. The browser does not have a final code launch date or one for a public preview. Users may sign up for notification when betas become available.

In a post to the browser’s website, Eich, Brave’s CEO and president, touted the new browser’s model, which rests on blocking ads and all other tracking techniques used by websites to pinpoint their visitors and show them online advertisements.

Eich characterized those practices, on which most for-free Web content are based, as “a primal threat” because of the privacy implications and the one-sided nature of the beast. “I contend that the threat we face is ancient and, at bottom, human,” Eich wrote. “Some call it advertising, others privacy. I view it as the Principal-Agent conflict of interest woven into the fabric of the Web.”

The principal-agent problem, sometimes called the “agency dilemma,” pops up when one (the agent) makes decisions that affect others (the principal). Simply put, Eich’s argument is that websites, by virtue of their advertising, make decisions for their users—see ads in return for content—that include an inherent conflict of interest: Websites make money on ads, so they are motivated to show ads at all costs.

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