The House gave final congressional approval Wednesday to legislation to complete the Keystone XL oil pipeline — setting up the first veto showdown between President Obama and the new, Republican-controlled Congress.

The 270-to-152 vote showed broad bipartisan support for the legislation, but not enough to reach the two-thirds majority, or 281 votes, needed to override a presidential veto.

Obama is vowing to veto the bill if delivered to him before all of the pending studies and court cases are completed.

“As we have made clear, the president will veto this bill,” a White House official told Fox News Wednesday night.

The House and Senate may formally prepare the bill on Friday, but one senior Senate Republican source told Fox News that the party doesn’t expect to send the bill to the White House for another two weeks. The reason for the possible delay would be to ensure that Congress is in session when Obama likely vetoes the bill.

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash was the only House Republican who voted against the measure.

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