A federal judge has ordered the CIA and the National Security Agency to disclose to him whether they were involved in spying on Occupy Philadelphia protesters during their monthlong demonstration at what is now Dilworth Park five years ago.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by a lawyer for the demonstrators, U.S. District Judge Berle M. Schiller gave the agencies until early next year to submit a list of any records detailing the agencies’ potential surveillance activities, along with a justification of why those documents should be withheld from public disclosure.

Schiller said he would rely upon that list to determine whether to release such documents or whether he would need to examine such records in person before making his decision.

The Occupy protesters spent weeks camped outside City Hall, seeking to draw attention to income inequality, before police dispersed them in November 2011 to make way for a $50 million renovation of what was then Dilworth Plaza.

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Time For Truth: (Philly) – CIA, NSA ordered to reveal to judge whether they were involved in Occupy Philly surveillance

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