Theresa May finally got her surveillance powers through the U.K. parliament — and with it, she has a whole new problem to overcome in the U.K.’s split from Europe.

Westminster gave a green light to the Investigatory Powers Bill on Wednesday, granting government security services wide-ranging powers to monitor people’s phones and computers.

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Time For Truth: (Politico) – Why EU may battle May over the Snooper’s Charter

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The French government is “definitely” going to close the UK border post in Calais after Brexit, a close ally of presidential election frontrunner Alain Juppe has told the BBC.

Arnaud Danjean said France no longer wanted the “negative burden” of migrants aiming to cross the Channel being detained on its soil.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – France 'will definitely close UK border at Calais'

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China has urged the UK Government to approve the Hinkley Point nuclear plant “as soon as possible”, as state media warned that the country would not tolerate “unwanted accusations” about its investments in the UK.

Theresa May’s Government last week unexpectedly delayed final approval of EDF’s £18bn project amid security concerns over the involvement of China, which is due to take a one-third stake.

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Following a long campaign by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), the £2.8bn deal with the Arab state will now be investigated.

While Britain has many arms deals with nations across the globe, complaints about Saudi Arabia human rights abuses have made the two countries’ deal particularly controversial.

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British lawmakers passed on Tuesday a new surveillance law to give security agencies more extensive monitoring capabilities in the digital age after several amendments were added to better protect privacy.

Lawmakers voted 444-69 in favor of the Investigatory Powers Bill, which interior minister Theresa May said would help “keep us safe in an uncertain world”. The bill will now go to the House of Lords upper house of parliament.

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