Hundreds of motorcyclists have turned out at locations around the country to protest anti-association laws either in place or being discussed in their respective states.

Crowds of up to 300 people turned out in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide on Saturday morning.

In Brisbane, the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland vowed to continue fighting against the Queensland Government’s anti-association laws.

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It’s high-tech and certainly controversial, but with the two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility still on the lam an upstate senator says one way to track future escapees is to microchip them.

Bloodhounds and expensive manhunts are so yesterday when it comes to hunting escaped prisoners. That’s the opinion of one lawmaker, who says the state should explore implanting tiny GPS devices under convicts’ skin.

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As countries across south-east Asia struggle with a migrant crisis which has left thousands at sea and led to torture and kidnappings by people smuggling networks, The Telegraph spoke to recent arrivals from a boat that landed in Thailand after two months at sea.

All were from Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority, who are not allowed Burmese citizenship and have been labelled the most oppressed people in the world.

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