Britain’s plan for getting out of the European Union was thrown into doubt Thursday as a senior court ruled that Prime Minister Theresa May will need to get Parliament’s approval before she acts.

The surprise decision introduced new uncertainty to a process already fraught with complication and threatened to derail May’s timetable of triggering Article 50, the never-before-used mechanism for exiting the E.U., by the end of March.

It also boosted the odds that the prime minister, in office only since July, will have to call a fresh election next year to win the mandate she needs to launch E.U. divorce talks.

The decision drew immediate condemnation from pro-Brexit politicians, who warned of an angry backlash from voters who favor leaving the 28-member bloc and had thought the matter was settled when they opted in a June referendum to get out.

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Time For Truth: (The Washington Post) – British court delivers blow to E.U. exit plan, insists Parliament has a say

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