A class action lawsuit was filed Tuesday in the Ontario Supreme Court on behalf of all Canadian Beekeepers. The claim is seeking over $400 Million in damages from Bayer Cropscience Inc., Syngenta Canada Inc., and their parent companies, makers of a widely used pesticide blamed for massive bee deaths

Bayer maintains that the risk to bees from the pesticide is low although an international panel of 50 scientists working as the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides said they have conclusive evidence that two widely used pesticides are killing bees, other insects, and harming the environment, reports Global News.

Scientists said in June that a study of 800 research papers provides groundbreaking evidence that the pesticides are responsible for massive pollinator deaths which are essential for most crops.

The poisons in question are neonicotinoid pesticides, specifically those containing imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiomethoxam which are neurotoxins to insects. These chemicals are widely coated on crops such as corn, soybean and rapeseed (canola) in Canada to protect the plants from pests such as aphids.

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