The largest telecommunications company in the world wants to serve as a watchdog for all drones in the United States — and in the process, play a major role in supervising the national airspace.

On Nov. 10, AT&T announced that it was collaborating with NASA to develop an Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management program to allow agencies to monitor drones. An AT&T release states this program will make it safer for drone operators to plan and monitor flight paths, navigate drones, and use drones for surveillance. The company stated that its main focus is to lower the risk of drone-related cyberattacks.

Many commercial drones available today are easy to hack and some hackers have even exposed vulnerabilities in drones used by government agencies. Someone taking over a hobbyist’s DJI Phantom might not be a national crisis, but a hacker could theoretically hack an internet-connected drone to access the network of the agency that operates it, much in the same way that a vulnerable internet of things device can serve as a gateway to other computers on the same network. If a hacker were to find a standardized code that has exploits, they could potentially take over every one of those drones. As drones become more sophisticated, a hacker could even weaponize drones, creating a “Black Mirror”-like scenario.

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